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Prevent Yoga Injuries...
Get The Right Yoga Mat For Your Height!

There are many "alignment yoga mats" currently on the market.
But only the Atmananda Yoga Mat is designed specially for your height!
Taking your height into consideration, the lines and shapes on our yoga mats
are mathematically positioned to keep your body in perfect alignment during your yoga practice.

Size Does Matter....
why you need the Atmananda Yoga Mat!

On a plain yoga mat many yoga practitioners question if their hands and feet are in the right place,
or wonder if their stance is too short or too wide in certain poses?

This confusion not only inhibits the practitioner from the full meditative benefits of a yoga class,
it also puts the practitioner at serious risk for physical injury from over stretching the ligaments and joints.
The Atmananda Yoga Mat was designed to solve this problem.

Benefits of the Atmananda Yoga Mat?

The Atmananda Yoga Mat ™ was designed with mathematically placed, easy to follow lines and shapes
that help keep the body in the correct alignment when practicing, resulting in less stress on ligaments and joints.
The lines and shapes also help the student receive the maximum benefit out of each pose. Proper alignment is essential,
as it helps the body to open faster and promotes advancement to more challenging yoga postures.

5'2" and below is a small sized mat
5'3" - 5'6 is a medium
5'7" and above is a large 

New Atmananda Yoga Mat Black

New Atmananda Yoga Mat Black

Atmananda Yoga Mat

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Atmananda Black is our latest Yoga Mat. Featuring our patented Alignment concept and improved with PREMIUM GRIP, NATURAL RUBBER, ECO FRIENDLY 100% Natural Rubber, Safe for your body and the environment. The Atmananda Yoga Mat is GREAT FOR ALL STYLES AND LEVELS OF YOGA – This mat will help both new yoga practitioners all the way up to experienced yogis The EDUCATIONAL ALIGNMENT LINES help you learn where to place your hands and feet in yoga poses. Our Yoga mats are designed to correspond to your height.
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Atmananda Yoga Mat -
Great for new or experienced yogis and yoga teachers

Here’s How it Works:

The horizontal line located one inch from the front edge of the mat is called “The 1st Line.”
Many yoga poses begin at the front of the mat and you always want to maintain your toes directly behind this line.

When called into positions such as Downward Facing Dog or Plank,
your middle finger should always be directly behind The 1st Line.
Using The 1st Line as a home base for the hands or the feet, you are able to find mental clarity and stability
with a solid starting and ending place for any sequence.  See the diagram below for further explanation:

What Past Customers Say....

Miguel Mendez

Yoga Teacher
RYT 500 

The lines didn’t make sense at the beginning for me. Yoga was such wonderful experience that I thought having guide lines will ruin my practice. However after using and sticking to the Atmananda Yoga Mat and alignment method, I’ve seen how effortlessly and quickly my body has opened. The mat also helps the beginner practitioner to build a strong foundation and gives them a better understanding of what they are doing with their physical body. 

Elena Litvack

Yoga Teacherr

The mat alignment helps open up the body in an optimum way, making the connection between body proportions and alignment obvious. With the guidance of the mat lines, I feel comfortable about my technique and know I am staying safe and taking care of my joints It also allows me to see my progress in a tangible way and focus my practice on breath and awareness. It is very helpful for my clients who are new to yoga and need guidance for basic understanding and alignment. 

Alex Rodriguez

Yoga Teacher
RYT 500

Using the Atmananda Yoga Mat has made it more efficient for me to adjust into various poses within a sequence. The mat tells me how to position my body for a pose and as I gain confidence, my movements increase in fluidity without sacrificing alignment or symmetry. There is also a lot less guess-work involved when poses are described or called out by the instructor because the positioning reference points on the mat are universal for all styles of yoga. The mat is designed based on height, which prevents unintentional over-extension or shortened positioning. It’s also plush enough to protect the knees, feet, and other joints from possible pain or injury when in a kneeling, seated or lying position. Overall, its been a good investment, especially since my goal is to continue yoga without injury. 

The Atmananda Story.....

Jhon Tamayo, Atmananda Yoga Mat Creator

The Atmananda Yoga Mat was produced out of love! Jhon Tamayo, who is a prominent yoga teacher in New York City, originally created the mat to help his girlfriend with correct foot placement when he was teaching her yoga poses. Initially he drew the lines on the mat with a magic marker and ruler. But then he aspired to help people all over the world by manufacturing and producing the mat.
Jhon Tamayo is founder and owner of the Atmananda Yoga Sequence studio in NYC. JhonT, as he’s affectionately known, used his passion for teaching yoga and his over 20 years of experience as a practicing yogi, to design the Atmananda Yoga Mat™.

JhonT is dedicated to helping his students learn yoga poses with precise form and alignment, in order to protect their joints and ligaments. And he is very committed to helping his students grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, both on and off the yoga mat.

The Atmananda Yoga Mat ™ is a patented (#USD699980) and trademarked design.

Bonus...Free Atmananda Class on Youtube 

We have many videos on our Youtube channel where you can learn more about the mat and how it works.  
We also have a full free Atmananda class online.


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