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It's a win-win scenario and it's absolutely free to join!


Becoming an Atmananda Yoga Mat affiliate is a great way to make money and at the same help people to improve their mental and physical health.  
Our Affiliate Program is designed to help yoga instructors, studio owners, bloggers, and anyone else seeking to earn extra revenue. 


Get Paid!

We pay $15 per yoga mat sold (at $75)

We pay 8% on yoga teacher training sales


Sign up for your affiliate account at the link below.  You will be given your own referral link.

Simply share your affiliate referral link with everyone -- your students, friends, family, fellow yogis, on your social media and to online shoppers.  Your referral links are unique to you. This allows us to track all of your referred sales and pay you for helping us spread the word.  Look below to see what


To get started, sign up now! 


Marketing Materials:

One you are approved to join our program, you will have access to all our marketing materials, photos etc.  You can make your own posts our use the ones that we pre-made.


We have a variety of website banners of different sizes and designs for you to choose from. All banners will contain your affiliate code. Place these on your website, social media and in emails. When someone clicks on the banner and places an order, you'll receive commission for their order.


Payouts are made via Paypal.

You must accumulate $15 in commissions to be eligible for the next affiliate payout. Your account will be automatically credited for every quarter you earn commissions.


The Atmananda Yoga Mat Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for yoga instructors, studio owners,  bloggers, yoga enthusiasts and individuals. 


Make money!!!

Our commission is above the industry standard. The more you sell, the more you earn. We do not require you to meet unrealistic sales projections.


Receive Helpful Reports

You'll have 24/7 online access to your affiliate dashboard and reports so that you can track commission earned, unique visitors, referred orders, links, and more.


Get Expert Help

While our affiliate program is easy to set up, our dedicated affiliate manager will help you with any problems on inquiries.  The program advisor will provide helpful hints, tips for better selling, and news about special promotions.


Join for Free

It's absolutely free to become a Atmananda Yoga Mat Affiliate. Just fill out our online application。


If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please at or call us at 212-625-1511.

To get started, sign up now! 





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