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" The mat alignment helps open up the body in an optimum way, making the connection between body proportions and alignment obvious. With the guidance of the mat lines, I feel comfortable about my technique and know I am staying safe and taking care of my joints It also allows me to see my progress in a tangible way and focus my practice on breath and awareness. It is very helpful for my clients who are new to yoga and need guidance for basic understanding and alignment."

Elena Litvack, RYT 500


" The lines didn’t make sense at the beginning for me. Yoga was such wonderful experience that I thought having guide lines will ruin my practice. However after using and sticking to the Atmananda Yoga Mat and alignment method, I’ve seen how effortlessly and quickly my body has opened. The mat also helps the beginner practitioner to build a strong foundation and gives them a better understanding of what they are doing with their physical body. "

Miguel Mendez


" Using the Atmananda Yoga Mat has made it more efficient for me to adjust into various poses within a sequence. The mat tells me how to position my body for a pose and as I gain confidence, my movements increase in fluidity without sacrificing alignment or symmetry. There is also a lot less guess-work involved when poses are described or called out by the instructor because the positioning reference points  on the mat are universal for all styles of yoga. The mat is designed based on height, which prevents unintentional over-extension or shortened positioning. It’s also plush enough to protect the knees, feet, and other joints from possible pain or injury when in a kneeling, seated or lying position.  Overall, its been a good investment, especially since my goal is to continue yoga without injury. "

Alex Rodriguez

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