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How do I care for my mat?

1. Cleaning

For all Atmananda Black mats we ask that you DO NOT use products with any type of oil! Cleaning products for yoga mats should not contain tea tree oil or any oily ingredients as it causes slipping and it stains the black rubber material.

2. Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting your mat is very simple; you must use a basin of water containing a drop of detergent or liquid soap, wetting a cloth, squeezing out the excess water, wiping, and then lying flat on the floor to dry. Do not soak to avoid residual liquid on the yoga mat surface. 

3.  Air Dry

Please lay the mat flat in a ventilated shady area to dry naturally after use and cleaning. Do not insulate or roll up before it's dry.

4.  Storage

Roll up your mat tight with PU surface logo and line designs on the outside to avoid wrinkles and reverse edge curling. Never fold the PU surface together.

5.  Smell

There is a strong natural rubber smell that is environmentally friendly and harmless. The smell will go away if you place the mat in a ventilated place to air out prior to usage.

6.  Temperature

Do not keep the mat close to a heat source for a long time, such as the underfloor heating and stoves. The heat will accelerate the aging of rubber mats.


What determines the size mat?

The Atmananda Yoga Mat™ is carefully designed in different sizes (see below) to be proportionate to an individual’s body height. The lines and shapes on the mat are mathematically placed to keep the body in perfect alignment during yoga practice, keeping the joints and ligaments of the body safe, and to facilitate the maximum benefit out of each pose.

After years of developing and fine-tuning, mat creator Jhon Tamayo, has determined that yoga students in the specified height measurements will fit their corresponding mats exactly, with only a few people needing to adjust their stances by just a few inches/centimeters.

What are the Atmananda Pro mat made of?

All mats are now 3mm in thickness, have a jute texture and are 100% rubber.

What are the Atmananda Pro mat length?

Small mat = 24" wide x 64"long
Medium mat = 24" wide x 68"long

Long mat = 24" wide x 72" long

What is the travel mat made of?

All mats are 1mm in thickness, with a faux suede top and 100% rubber base.

What are Travel Mat Lengths and Sizes?



Mat Size

X Large

6’0” & Above











X Small







3’8”& Below



What if I'm on the cusp of one of the mat sizes, do I size up?

Yes, take the next size up.  

Is the mat slippery? 

Our mats are made of 100% rubber and most people find the grip to be superior. You hands and feet will not slip, not even when they sweat. You will feel a difference especially on your wrists.


What locations can you ship the mat to?

We are only shipping within the United States from this site. 

Check the international link for mat sellers around the world:

Or contact to inquire about shipping to your country.

Can I buy the mat in bulk or wholesale?
Yes, please email us for details:


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