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The Atmananda Yoga Mat was produced out of love!  Jhon Tamayo, who is a prominent yoga teacher in New York City, originally created the mat to help his girlfriend with correct foot placement when he was teaching her yoga poses.  Initially he drew the lines on the mat with a magic marker and ruler.  But then he aspired to help people all over the world by manufacturing and producing the mat.

Jhon Tamayo is founder and owner of the Atmananda Yoga Sequence studio in NYC.  JhonT, as he’s affectionately known, used his passion for teaching yoga and his over 20 years of experience as a practicing yogi, to design the Atmananda Yoga Mat™.

JhonT is dedicated to helping his students learn yoga poses with precise form and alignment, in order to protect their joints and ligaments.  And he is very committed to helping his students grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, both on and off the yoga mat.

The Atmananda Yoga Mat ™ is a patented (#USD699980) and trademarked design. It’s made of a robust Jute material and natural rubber, so it’s better for your body and is eco friendly.

Jhon T’s motto is: “don’t just practice yoga for today, protect your ligaments and joints, and practice for a lifetime!”


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