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You’ve probably only thought of yoga as being a nurturing practice that focuses on building strength and healing and never doing any harm. However, the practice of yoga has evolved to include many aspects that have nothing to do with it’s original intention which is meditation, and everything to do with sculpting the ‘perfect body’.   It’s an evolution that has had an enormous impact on the amount of yoga-related injuries seen today. In fact, The New York Times recently published an article on “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body”, which is exactly what happens when yoga is practiced with a focus on ego rather than mindfulness.

Without guidance into proper form, and a constant reminder of alignment, it’s extremely easy to build habits in our personal practice that are detrimental to our joints, posture and ultimately, our health. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the means to pay for one-on-one classes with an experienced yoga teacher every day.

But you can still reap the benefits of correctional guidance, by practicing on an alignment based mat, such as the Atmananda Yoga Mat . This particular mat takes into account your height, so it comes in 3 different sizes and is marked with precise, mathematically placed, easy to follow lines that help keep the body in alignment. With an alignment based yoga mat, it is possible to experience yoga as you would with a teacher attentive only to you.

When practiced with concentration, focusing on maintaining the precise alignment of your body by following simple lines and shapes, you can experience the full expression of a yoga posture. Your joints and ligaments remain safe and without stress or strain allowing you to receive the maximum benefit of each pose.

Knowing exactly where to place your hands and feet makes it easy to move through asana transitions without strain on the knee, hip or ankle with each held posture. The assistance of an alignment based yoga mat is perfect for new yogi’s and even benefits the most experienced yogi when moving into advanced versions of each pose.


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